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solar powered refrigeration system

  • 30W Automatic Solar Led Light

    Contact Now30W Automatic Solar Led LightALL IN ONE Solar street light ◆ NSP 30W Automatic Solar Led Light What is ALL IN ONE Solar street light The design of the All in one solar street lightcomes from the inspiration and power of the universe, combined the best energy saving parts---solar panel, led lamp and special battery. With the...Read More

  • 24V 198L Solar Upright Refrigerator

    Contact Now24V 198L Solar Upright Refrigerator198 L Solar Upright Refrigerator BCD198 Solar Upright Refrigerator 198 L Solar Upright Refrigerator Feature 198 L Solar Upright Refrigerator Specification 198L Solar Upright Refrigerator Accessory (optional): Solar Upright Refrigerator Application : CONNECTION TYPES SOLAR UPRIGHT REFRIGERTOR...Read More

  • 318L Solar Ice Chest Of Freezer

    Contact Now318L Solar Ice Chest Of Freezer318L Solar Ice Chest Of Freezer SOLAR ICE CHEST BR318C4 Feature Specification Accessory ( optional ): Application : CONNECTION TYPES WORKSHOPRead More

  • 138L Solar Powered Chest Freezer

    Contact Now138L Solar Powered Chest Freezer138L Solar Powered Chest Freezer BR1 3 8C4 Newsky Power The first one manufacture of DC solar refrigerator & freezer in China Since 1999 High-efficiency control & refrigeration system Partner of F.A.O. (Food and Agriculture Organization) Solar fridge with only battery type Using in the...Read More