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small portable refrigerator

  • 315L Solar Dual Temp Refrigerator Freezer

    Contact Now315L Solar Dual Temp Refrigerator FreezerNew Solar Cooler ◆ BR 315R F Solar cooler with only battery type Using in the car Solar cooler with only adaptor Using in the sun too plenty aera Solar cooler with sloar panel and battery Using in the suny aera Solar panels can transmute the solar energy into electric energy then store in the...Read More

  • 12V 92L Solar Powered Upright Refrigerator Freezer

    Contact Now12V 92L Solar Powered Upright Refrigerator Freezer92L Solar Upright Refrigerator BCD92 Solar Upright Refrigerator 92L Solar Upright Refrigerator Feature 92L Solar Upright Refrigerator Specification R elate series 92L Solar Upright Refrigerator Accessory ( optional ): Solar Upright Refrigerator Application : CONNECTION TYPES SOLAR UPRIGHT...Read More

  • BR Series 12V 60L Car Portable Camping Refrigerator for Travel

    Contact NowBR Series 12V 60L Car Portable Camping Refrigerator for Travel60L solar freezer for car ◆ BR60C4 solar freezer for car 6 0L car freezer power supply 1、use in solar powder 2、use in adaptor 3、use in adaptor or solar power 60L solar freezer for car advanage ● High quality DC compressor ● DC12V/24V automatic recognition , AC/DC operated ● Can set temperature...Read More