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Town Of Honghe County Music Education 60 Solar Street Lamps Light Up Village
Apr 18, 2016

HONGHE County Xin Zhai Cun Yu Zhen actively financing construction and gewucun solar street lights, a few days ago, installed solar street lights have been put into use, a total of 60, making night hard problems that beset villagers for years has finally been resolved, this solar Street lamp in a corner of rural infrastructure, across the country there are many examples of applied solar street lamps light up roads.

Let us hear what villagers said: "our village in the evening before dark, bring a lot of inconvenience to the masses, there is also law and order on the security risk. Now it is a dark, installed solar street lamps light up, villagers travel, visit much easier at night. "Talk about the benefits of street lamps installed, Xin Zhai Cun, General Secretary says with joy on his face.

In recent years, Le Yuzhen in new rural construction in the vigorously promotion using solar street facilities, this solar Street main take light control and Shi control of way, day absorption light store in battery in, reached must dark degrees of light or set good of time on automatically glow, energy-saving, and environmental, and convenient, why select solar Street does? in rural some based facilities no town so developed, and solar street can self-sufficiency of features, just caters to village construction application.

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