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Solar Street Lights In The Beautiful Countryside Of Wind Resistant Design
Apr 18, 2016

First, wind-resistant design of solar module support

According to the technical data module, solar panels can withstand wind pressure 2700Pa. If selected for wind resistance coefficient 27m/s (equivalent to ten typhoons), non-viscous fluid, battery components to withstand wind pressure of only 365Pa. Therefore, the component itself is completely can withstand wind speeds of 27m/s without damaging it. So, is the key consideration in the design of battery pack bracket connection to the lamp.

In the design of the street lighting system battery pack bracket with pole design using the bolts fixing the connection.

Wind-resistant design of two, solar street lighting pole

Solar street lighting street lighting parameters are as follows:

Battery plate angle a = 16o pole height = 5M

Design selecting pole width δ = 4mm at the bottom pole bottom outside diameter = 168mm

Lamp failure surface of weld surface. Calculation of lamp failure surface resistance moment w point p loads to the poles of the battery plate f-line distance

PQ = [5000+(168+6)/tan16o]× Sin16o = 1545mm=1.545m。 Therefore, the lamp post on the failure surface of wind load torque m = Fx1.545.

According to the 27m/s maximum allowable wind speed, 2x30W double lamp 730N basic load of the solar panels. Considering the safety factor of 1.3, f = 1.3x730 = 949N.

So, m = Fx1.545 = 949x1.545 = 1466N.m.

According to mathematic resistance moment of circular failure surface w = π x (3R2 δ +3R δ 2+ δ 3).