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Solar Street Lights Can Really Light Up The Future?
Apr 18, 2016

Solar street of application range is of widely, has into has different of field, in industrial, and commercial, and agricultural, and communications, aspects solar also has different of application, especially in remote of mountain, solar Street to convenient, save power, save resources, green environmental, advantage, in many place are in using, but in currently of stage, solar street of cost also is is high, so mass using solar Street in economic Shang still by economic of limit.

But from long-term view, with solar Street battery of manufacturing technology of improved and new of technology of development, on environmental protection and on regeneration of solar resources of huge of needs, solar still is using solar radiant energy compared practical of method, can for human future mass of using solar open new of prospects, such is of solar street of cost reduced, makes solar Street more can into usually people of life among to. Solar street lights in the process of popularization, the State Government also grants the manufacturer of solar street lights, solar street lighting manufacturer solar street lamps after the Government sold to people, in the end, benefit or consumer.

Solar street light development of green lighting products quickly, in the next 10 years, average conversion efficiency of solar street lights to reach 30% while the price to drop more than half. Half of the solar energy Street lamp lighting electricity, achieve real green lights from the PN junction to PN junction.

Solar street light is a huge PN junction, LED is the PN junction can convert electricity to light. the conversion efficiency of the future it will be able to achieve the level of energy-saving lamps, and service life can reach more than 100,000 h, this is a real green light.