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Solar Street Light Value Of
Apr 18, 2016

Solar street lights powered by solar energy is clean and renewable, it is compared with the traditional way of generating pollution-free, safe, simple maintenance, resources inexhaustible. Compared to traditional high pressure sodium lamps can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. According to statistics, if 20 million lamps all use solar lights, you can reduce the 25.8 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to 10.3 billion dollars cost of carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, investing in solar industry can have a greater social benefits.

According to 4 metre high street lighting and 8 metre high street lighting calculation, after adopting the solar LED street lights, 4 metre high street lighting lamps save power at around 2,190-kilowatt a year and 8 meters, electricity savings of 1533.

Solar street lamps not only can reduce the application of coal, oil and other energy supplies, pressure, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions, has made great contributions to create green homes. Therefore, the social and economic benefits of solar street lights for all to see, the nation's attention will also strengthen. With State support and promotion, solar lighting market will grow rapidly, which promotes the development of solar street lighting enterprises, promoting the development of solar-powered lighting technology. Solar Street lamp production technology, cost, lighting effects, and so there will be a great improvement, solar Street lamp industry Outlook for the future is bright.