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Solar Street Light Selection Method
Apr 18, 2016

1, LED constant current drive device of life:

Solar lighting manufacturers often to say I bought the best chip, best battery life is the best, in fact, solar Street lamp with DC power supply, low voltage, high current, every part is crucial, small internal resistance of the connector, the resistivity of the wire, (because p loss =12R). Course in practical use have shown that affecting the life of solar street lights the main reason depends on the battery life and LED light driver circuit. Took LED lamp beads for, LED lamp beads recognized of life is 50,000-100,000 hours, but general technology of LED drive constant flow source in are has a electronic components Electrolytic Capacitor, electrolytic capacitor of using life General for 3-5 years, in electrolytic capacitor aspects do of best of Japan Ruby is only insurance with 5 years, on decided has LED drive of life, and our (Jiangsu Ronzet lighting equipment limited) used of LED drive device, is constant flow one of solar dedicated controller, Not only get rid of the LED constant current source driving device compatible with solar Street lamp controller problem, and it does not require electrolytic capacitors, and is not limited by its life, realized the life of LED lamp bead, and solar panels are basically the same.

2, another factor is battery life,

Solar Street General are using AGL or GEL battery, General technology can do using life in 3-5 years has is good's, our of technology can do 8-10 years, this is because battery of life main by deep cycle of times and work environment temperature effect, our solar lamp in other General solar LED street based Shang in energy-saving 70-85% of patent technology, greatly extended has battery deep cycle once of cycle, to extended life; also battery of work environment temperature on life effect very big, Our reference nano technology Yu battery in the, do breathable waterproof, will battery buried into frozen layer following, makes our of battery get best of work temperature 20-25 degrees Celsius, and General technology of solar Street most will battery hanging in lamp Rod Shang or ground (because no waterproof design), imagined, in hot of summer, battery box of temperature is so of high, temperature each increased 10 degrees Celsius, battery life reduced half.