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Solar Street Lamps Resist The Long Rainy Days
Apr 18, 2016

1: solar street light LED light source with digital drive technology (specific cross one controller for solar energy) than conventional technology of energy-saving 20%.

Solar Street using of light is LED, and LED glow are is need a LED drive cross source, General of constant flow source need consumption whole lamps power of 20% around, and I company (Jiangsu Ronzet lighting equipment limited), using LED digital constant flow source drive technology, (solar dedicated constant flow one controller) of power only for 0, and 0625 (IC) w, almost can ignored regardless of, such on makes our street power save has near 20%.

2: solar special cross one controller, intermittent power supply, saving nearly 50%

Solar LED Street lamp of conventional technical work must be sustained and constant power supply to lamp bead, Division I (Ronzet lighting equipment factory of Jiangsu) LED digital constant-current source, use of intermittent switching power supply for LED light sources. LED that glow diode, is semiconductor devices, semiconductor of characteristics is switch characteristics, it different Yu General of light, switch times too much, easy burned damaged, if lamp beads Shang each switch of power time and shut broken of time consistent, and design switch frequency in 10K-100KHz, units time within half of time electricity half of time not electricity, such on immediately makes I company solar Street energy-saving 50%, by test, actual energy-saving 47.3% above. Lamp heating and light attenuation is lower than that of conventional constant current technology 30–40%. Very short switching times, the human eye and an inductive analog meter is less than.