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New Rural Solar Lighting Is Widely Used In Linzi District, Zibo City
Apr 18, 2016

China's rapid development in recent years, Shandong Zibo linzi district is developing rapidly. Linzi district, Zibo city, in recent years, the township government for energy saving and emission reduction, increased investment, using a variety of policies, subsidies, developing new rural construction. New rural construction solar lamp lighting project is to let local people feel really affordable and convenient.

New rural construction is a system of comprehensive projects, new solar-powered street lighting in rural areas plays a very important role. New solar street lights use the solar energy in rural areas, do not use ordinary power can reduce power plant pollution and damage to the environment, in line with the building of beautiful residential environment requirements.

Currently, linzi district, Zibo Jin Shan Zhen, qiduzhen, and jingzhongzhen, Fenghuang town, Qi Ling Zhen to new rural construction of solar street light. New solar street lighting in rural areas entirely from solar lighting manufacturers in Zibo, Shandong chemtron optoelectronics technology co is responsible for the design and installation of construction.