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Lamp Manufacturers On How To Ensure The Quality
Apr 18, 2016

One is to ensure the quality of components, component quality will directly affect the quality of lamps. Solar street light is battery, battery, controller and other photovoltaic components, select only those manufacturers of street lamp PV modules to make solar street lighting quality is guaranteed. For example, most of Hebei solar street lighting manufacturer selected Yingli solar panels.

II focus on the system configuration, do the system configuration to ensure stable operation lamp lamp is very important. In solar street lighting system configuration of PV components when peak wattage selection design and type selection design of battery capacity fully into account, in addition to solar panel frame and pole Windbreak design solar lighting to achieve a good application in inclement weather.

Solar street light selection for road works, in addition to testing in these two aspects also should pay attention to the size of solar street light manufacturer, only the major lamp manufacturers can solar street lights after sales has a good guarantee.