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DC 12V 24V Solar Energy 118L Freezer
Aug 04, 2016
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: 90L 118L 138L 188L 238L 318L

  • Door: Double Doors

  • Type: Top-Freezer

  • Material: Plastic

  • Defrost Type: Manual Defrost

  • Certification: CE, RoHS

  • Iterm: Solar Freezer

  • Voltage (V): 12V/24V

  • Capacity(L): 118

  • Temp. Scope: -18 to 10 Degrees

  • Certificates: CE, RoHS

  • Specification: CE, ROHS

  • HS Code: 8418302900

  • Capacity: 60-200L

  • Installation: Free-Standing

  • Power Source: Solar

  • Temperature Type: Single-Temperature

  • Climate Type: Sn, N, St, T

  • Brand Name: Newsky Power

  • Power (W): 72W

  • Model Number: Br118c4

  • Refrigerant: R134A

  • Warranty: 3years

  • Trademark: NEWSKY POWER

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Durable Solar Products,your best choice! 

AC110v -240v  DC12v/24v
solar energy 118L DC 12V 24V freezer


what we can supply to you:

Portable solar freezer: 20L,30L,45L,55L,60L,70L,80L,90L
solar refrigerator : 92L, 118L, 142L, 158L, 176L, 198L
solar freezer: 90L, 118L, 138L, 188L, 238L, 318L
New model solar freezer:128L,170L
solar showcase: 208L
accessories: solar panel, solar charge controller, GEL battery, solar panel, auto switch, adaptor, wires


Features of our products:

1. High quality DC compressor
2. AC/DC operated,AC110-240V, DC12V/24V automatic recognition.
3. CFC-free refrigerant (R-134a)
4. Low power consumption
5. 0ºC-10ºC for refrigerator compartment
6. Battery over discharge protection
7. High temperature resistance and energy saving design
8. Max -18ºC for freezer compartment at 30ºCAmbient temperature
9. Spare part would be provide: compressor, controller of compressor, thermostat, fan and bulb.


Parameter for reference:

solar freezer
Power Consumption60W72W72W72W80W80W
Input VoltageDC 12V/24V
Work Temperature<40&#186;C
Capacity90 L
(3.18 c.f.)  
118 L
(3.18 c.f.)  
138 L
(4.87 c.f.)
188 L
(6.64 c.f.)
238 L
(8.40 c.f.)
318 L
(11.23 c.f.)
Product Size(mm) 625&#215; 555&#215;910815&#215; 555&#215;910815&#215; 555&#215;910875&#215;595&#215;9201245&#215;660&#215;9201245&#215;660&#215;920
Carton Size(mm) 685&#215;565 &#215;935885&#215;560 &#215;930885&#215; 575&#215;930930&#215;605&#215;9401300&#215;680&#215;9401300&#215;680&#215;940
Loading Quantity66PCS/20GP
104PCS /40HQ

solar refrigerator
ModelBCD 92BCD 118BCD 142BCD 158BCD 176BCD198
Power Consumption60W72W72W72W72W72W
Input VoltageDC 12V/24V
Work Temperature<40&#186;C
CapacityFridge Capacity82L (2.90 c.f.)76L (2.68 c.f.) (Bottom)100L (3.53 c.f.) (Bottom)98L (3.46 c.f.) (Upper)116L (4.10 c.f.) (Upper)118L (4.17 c.f.) (Upper)
Freezer Capacity10L (0.35 c.f.)42L (1.48 c.f.) (Upper)42L (1.48 c.f.) (Upper)60L (2.12 c.f.)  (Bottom)60L (2.12 c.f.)  (Bottom)80L (2.83 c.f.)  (Bottom)
Product Size (mm) 470 &#215; 475&#215; 815470&#215; 475 &#215; 1165 470&#215; 475&#215; 1265 500 &#215; 530 &#215; 1370 500&#215; 530&#215; 1450500&#215; 530&#215; 1580
Carton Size (mm) 505&#215; 535 &#215; 855505&#215; 535&#215; 1205 505 &#215; 535 &#215; 1305 555 &#215; 605&#215; 1430 555&#215; 605&#215; 1505555&#215; 605&#215; 1680
Loading Quantity88PCS/20GP, 184PCS/40GP, 276PCS/40HQ.44PCS/20GP, 92PCS/40GP, 184PCS/40HQ.44PCS/20GP, 92PCS/40GP, 184PCS/40HQ.38PCS/20GP
79PCS/40GP, 79PCS/40HQ
79PCS/40GP, 79PCS/40HQ
79PCS/40GP, 79PCS/40HQ

Asscessories and connection type:

1. Basket (excludes 20L): free of charge.
2. Cable with Cigarette Plug (for each freezer):  free of charge.
3. Adaptors (optional): for AC Power using.
4.Travel bag(optional for portable freezer,excludes BR20C4,BR70AC4,BR90AC4):
there are two layers on the bag,inners is PVC with coated aluminium,outside is PE.


Quality guarantee:

1. Warranty: three years for compressor, one year for other parts.
2. Provide 2% spare for 20GP/40GP quantity order, it's free of charge.
3. The validity of quotation is 30 days from the date of quotation.


Why choose us as your long-terms partner?

1. Over 10 years professional experience of producing and exporting solar refrigerator&freezer.
2. Partner of F.A.O. (Food and Agriculture Organization)
3. Own technical team
4. High standard quality control program
5. Excellent speed service always



About Solar refrigerators and solar freezers
Solar refrigerators and solar freezers have surged in popularity because these solar appliances are particularly useful on RV and boating trips as well as for isolated locations such as cabins and are very good for aid work or emergency relief.
We carry several practical solar refrigerators and solar freezers of varying sizes to suit your needs. Due to remote locations and inaccessible energy supply, researchers and aid workers are faced with storage challenges in safely storing food supplies, agricultural products, medical supplies and freezing products.
Even if you are not going to Africa on aid work, solar appliances can be used here at home. They are particularly useful on RV, boating trips, recreational storage and as well as for isolated locations such as camping trips and cabins, you can even use it to longer the life of battery and kill the worms in books.
We have sold several solar refrigerators that have been used in foreign countries in which an electrical outlet may be many miles away. Solar fridges and solar freezers give you the convenience of home without the trouble of a noisy generator. The solar fridges and solar feezers that we carry are sold either separately as can be configured in a system.

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