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12/24V DC Compressor Solar Mini Freezer Refrigerator
Aug 21, 2016
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: BCD176

  • Door: Double Doors

  • Type: Bottom-Freezer

  • Material: Plastic

  • Defrost Type: Manual Defrost

  • Certification: CE

  • Color: Gray

  • Input Voltage: DC 12V/24V Auto Recognition

  • Freezer Capacity: 60L (1.48 C.F.) (Upper)

  • Carton Size(mm) (L*W*H): 555*605*1505mm

  • Warranty Time: 3years

  • Specification: CE

  • HS Code: 84181030

  • Capacity: 60-200L

  • Installation: Free-Standing

  • Power Source: Solar

  • Temperature Type: Single-Temperature

  • Climate Type: T

  • Item: Home DC 12V Refrigeration Compressor Solar Refrig

  • Power Consumption: 72W

  • Fridge Capacity: 116L (2.68 C.F.) (Bottom)

  • Product Size(mm) (L*W*H): 500*530*1450mm

  • N.W./G.W.(Kg): 43/47

  • Origin: Shandong Qingdao

Product Description

*Fully hermetic domus compressor with integrated control electronics.
*Automatically turn off when low input voltage to prodect product 
*Connect with DC power source directly e.g solar power source 
*Connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adaptor,connect with solar freezer
*High temperature resistance design and energy saving design
*With single top door and door lock 
*Enviroment-friendly refrigerant R134a 
                                                                        2015 new design
                                                                           High quality  
                                              12/24V DC Compressor Solar Mini Freezer Refrigerator
12/24V DC Compressor Solar Mini Freezer Refrigerator

Ø  No AC Inverter Needed

Ø  Input voltage automatic recognition

Ø  Environmental friendly CFC-free refrigerant (R-134a)

Ø  Using AC power through AC/DC adaptor

Ø  Low power consumption makes best use of available power

Ø  0°C-10°C (32°F-50°F) for
refrigerator   compartment

Ø  Low voltage cut out automatically to protect batteries

Ø  High temperature resistance and energy saving design

Ø  Max -18°C   (-0.4°F)   for freezer compartment at 30°C   (86°F)   Ambient temperature

12/24V DC Compressor Solar Mini Freezer Refrigerator

solar refrigerator                                                                                                           

BCD 92BCD 118BCD 142BCD 158BCD 176BCD198
Power Consumption60W72W72W72W72W72W
Input VoltageDC 12V/24V
Work Temperature<40&#186;C
CapacityFridge Capacity82L (2.90 c.f.)76L (2.68 c.f.) (Bottom)100L (3.53 c.f.) (Bottom)98L (3.46 c.f.) (Upper)116L (4.10 c.f.) (Upper)118L (4.17 c.f.) (Upper)
Freezer Capacity10L (0.35 c.f.)42L (1.48 c.f.) (Upper)42L (1.48 c.f.) (Upper)60L (2.12 c.f.)  (Bottom)60L (2.12 c.f.)  (Bottom)80L (2.83 c.f.)  (Bottom)
Product Size (mm)470 &#215; 475&#215; 815470&#215; 475 &#215; 1165470&#215; 475&#215; 1265500 &#215; 530 &#215; 1370500&#215; 530&#215; 1450500&#215; 530&#215; 1580
Carton Size (mm)505&#215; 535 &#215; 855505&#215; 535&#215; 1205505 &#215; 535 &#215; 1305555 &#215; 605&#215; 1430555&#215; 605&#215; 1505555&#215; 605&#215; 1680
Loading Quantity88PCS/20GP, 184PCS/40GP, 276PCS/40HQ.44PCS/20GP, 92PCS/40GP, 184PCS/40HQ.44PCS/20GP, 92PCS/40GP, 184PCS/40HQ.38PCS/20GP,
79PCS/40GP, 79PCS/40HQ
79PCS/40GP, 79PCS/40HQ
79PCS/40GP, 79PCS/40HQ
solar freezer
Power Consumption60W72W72W72W80W80W
Input VoltageDC 12V/24V
Work Temperature<40&#186;C
Capacity90 L (3.18 c.f.) 118 L (3.18 c.f.) 138 L (4.87 c.f.)188 L (6.64 c.f.)238 L (8.40 c.f.)318 L (11.23 c.f.)
Product Size(mm)625&#215; 555&#215; 910815&#215; 555&#215; 910815&#215; 555&#215; 910875&#215; 595&#215; 9201245&#215; 660&#215; 9201245&#215; 660&#215; 920
Carton Size(mm)685&#215;565 &#215; 935885&#215;560 &#215; 930885&#215; 575&#215; 930930&#215; 605&#215; 9401300&#215; 680&#215; 9401300&#215; 680&#215; 940
Loading Quantity66PCS/20GP,
138PCS/40GP, 138PCS/40HQ.
104PCS/40GP, 104PCS/40HQ.
104PCS /40HQ.
88PCS/40GP, 88PCS/40HQ
34PCS/20GP, 70PCS/40GP, 70PCS/40HQ26PCS/20GP, 54PCS/40GP, 54PCS/40HQ

12/24V DC Compressor Solar Mini Freezer Refrigerator

 Why you choose us?   
1 Thick insulation 
2. Efficient compressor 
3. Lock & key for safety 
4. Low noise design
5. 10years exporting experience
6. Partner of FAO
7. 3 years warranty time for compressor and 1year for other accessories
About us
COMMERCIAL ENERGY GROUP LIMITED is a an energy-saving technology pioneer company, engaged in develop and apply wind power generator and solar system. Located in the QINGDAO Development Zone nearby Qingdao port, the company enjoys an excellent traffic convenience.
In response the call of government concerning on energy-saving & emissions reduction, we majorly focus on the development of solar power system. Based on radical innovatory design concept and high-tech application, make fully use of the green, clean energy to achieve zero power consumption, zero emissions, zero pollution.
Guided by the principle of "advanced technology,exquisite product and competent manufacturing",the company is proceeding with the mission of energy saving and green planet building based on the spirit of "credit,innovation,hard working and social responsibility".