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108L 12V 24V DC Solar Compressor Refrigerator
Aug 20, 2016
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: BD/BC-108L

  • Capacity: 108L

  • Refrigeration Temperature Scope: -18℃~10℃

  • Shape: Box Type (Open Upward)

  • Power Supply Type: DC 12/24V AC110-240V Solar

  • Brand: Junyue

  • Carton Size(mm) (L*W*H): 955*680*560

  • Everage Power Consumption: 52W

  • Warranty Time: 3 Years

  • Package: Carton for Export

  • Origin: Qingdao

  • Type: Compressor Car Refrigerator

  • Voltage: DC 12/24V AC110-240V

  • Certification: CE, RoHS, CB SGS

  • Power Source: Electricity Solar

  • Component: Compressor

  • N.W. /G.W(Kg): 27.5/30.5

  • Loading Quantity: 54PCS/20gp

  • Colar: Gray White

  • Specification: BD/BC-108L

  • HS Code: 8418302900

Product Description

Product Description
Durable Solar Products,your best choice!
AC110v -240v  DC12v/24v
108L 12V 24V DC Solar Compressor Refrigerator

What we can supply to you:

Portable Car freezer: 35L,45L,60L,70L,80L,90L
Car refrigerator : 108L, 138L, 158L, 178L, 258L
New DC compressor Refrigerator:106L,131L,151L,161L,210L
12/24V DC Display Cupboard: 258L
Accessories: solar panel, solar charge controller, GEL battery, solar panel, auto switch, adaptor, wires

Features of our products:
1. High quality DC compressor
2. AC/DC operated,AC110-240V, DC12V/24V automatic recognition.
3. CFC-free refrigerant (R-134a)
4. Low power consumption
5. 0ºC-10ºC for refrigerator compartment
6. Battery over discharge protection
7. High temperature resistance and energy saving design
8. Max -18ºC for freezer compartment at 30ºC Ambient temperature
9. Spare part would be provide: compressor, controller of compressor, thermostat, fan and bulb.

Parameter for reference:

108L 12V 24V DC Solar Compressor Refrigerator
Gross capacity108 liters
Carton size655*680*560mm
Voltage12/24V DC current≤4.3A
AC 110-240V
Average power consumption≤52W
Temperature range-18~8 degree (variable via electronic thermostat)
Refrigerating FluidR134a
Refrigeration capacityArrived -18 degree in 2 hours.
(under the standard running condition and rated load)
N.W./G.W. Kg27.5/30.5
CertifcateCE  ROHS CB SGS
Other featuresDigital temp.control panel
The compressor could adjust the torque and rotate speed automatically

Asscessories and connection type:

1. Basket (excludes 20L): free of charge.
2. Cable with Cigarette Plug (for each freezer):  free of charge.
3. Adaptors (optional): for AC Power using.
4.Travel bag(optional):
there are two layers on the bag,inners is PVC with coated aluminium,outside is PE.

Quality guarantee:

1. Warranty: three years for compressor, one year for other parts.
2. Provide 2% spare for 20GP/40GP quantity order, it's free of charge.
3. The validity of quotation is 30 days from the date of quotation.

Why choose us as your long-terms partner?
1. Over 5 years professional experience of producing and exporting Car refrigerator&freezer.
2. Own technical team
3. High standard quality control program
4. Excellent speed service always

Refrigerator FAQ:

1. How does a refrigerator work?
A refrigerator essentially works because of the properties of compressed gas. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas which raises the pressure of the chemical refrigerant. It also raises the temperature. The heat exchanging coil that sits on the outside the refrigerator the allows the refrigerant to dissipate this excess heat caused by the pressurization which is why you feel heat coming from from the vent.
As the refrigerant cools, it condenses into a liquid. The liquid then flows into an expansion valve which allows it to move from high pressure to low pressure zone. This process forces it to expand and evaporate and in the same way that sweat keeps us cool in the summers, as the refrigerant evaporates, it absorbs heat which makes it cold.
There are inside the refrigerator which allow the refrigerant to absorb heat. This absorption process makes the inside of the refrigerator very cold. This cycle will repeat tima and time again until the desired temperature (set by the user) is reached.
2.How do I get rid of an odor in my refrigerator?
You might find that there are times where no matter how many boxes of baking soda you add to your refrigerator, there's nothing you can do to remove an unpleasant odor. The best way answer this refrigerator FAQ for you to follow this step by step process:
Start by removing all items from the refrigerator. You may want to be sure to remove the items from the freezer as well as something in there might also be a culprit.
Throw away any spoiled foods. This might seem like a given, but take a close look at the food in the fridge and be sure that it hasn't gone bad. This applies to more than just a few bags of fruits and veggies. Open the jars, bottles, leftovers and all drawers. You might be surprised what you find.
Clean the shelving. Many refrigerators have spill guard shelves which allow you to take them out and wash them in the sink. Also remove any other parts that are meant to be removed. Hand wash these items with hot soapy water. Do not place them in the dishwasher as many of these parts are not meant to be exposed to great amounts of heat and could melt or warp.
Wash the door gasket with hot soapy water. Use a mild detergent (dish soap) and be sure you rinse the area well once you're done because any leftover soap residue could keep the door from closing properly.
If you've tried everything listed above and still find that the odors are still present, then unfortunatley, it may have penetrated its way into the insulation. Only a skilled professional can replace the insulation, so you may need to contact a repairman to get an estimate. (Though hopefully the answer to this refrigerator FAQ will help prevent your having to call in for help.)