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Sun solar powered refrigeration is not afraid
Apr 18, 2016

Colombia and other equatorial countries, year-round high temperatures, development is relatively backward, many remote towns still without a stable power supply. In recent days, Coca-Cola's planned activities, cooperation with the Leo Burnett advertising agency, made a "solar-powered refrigerator", without the need for electricity and refrigeration, let Colombia area people can also drink iced Coke.

This "machine" called Bio Cooler, developed by the international physics research center in Bogota. It has a big box, built a special place cans of "cold room", top notch where plants grow.

This unknown Li one refrigerator works very simple. First, the box at the top of the plant, after water evaporation, it lowers the body temperature, lying in the box we will receive initial cooling of Coke. Box mirror to gather solar energy, a certain gas is converted into liquid to achieve cooling. Sun is strong, Bio Cooler cooling effect as possible.

Although this "solar fridge" seem to have efficient cooling effect, but the ideas are really good, a good public relations campaign is Coca-Cola.