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Solar technologies or for the refrigerator industry the next "blue sea"
Apr 18, 2016

"In 2015, overall environment industry is recession, refrigerator sales, overcapacity and more serious" zhongshanduoweier electric appliance limited company Chairman Shen Guan Xue told reporters so far this year, "closure" of small and medium enterprises increased in the fridge, every business in the area, Cixi, especially in "fallen".

He says, look for Blue Ocean to live down, become the only way for many SMEs, better our situation this year than last year, and to achieve a certain level of growth, it is because we have successfully developed a solar-powered refrigerator, and have won a segment of the market.

It is understood that the solar refrigerator is through the installation of solar panels absorb the Sun's heat energy, and converting it into electricity through solar controller, and battery electric power storage that clean energy is transferred to the refrigerator, which is often power-saving products, used in some solar energy resource-rich countries or regions, or even completely without electricity. Aon-Kang's statistics show that domestic refrigerators and freezers sold 95 million, annual power consumption of 30 billion, "if everyone uses solar-powered refrigerators save energy for the country every year, and enterprises to develop energy-saving and environment-friendly green products are corporate should bear social responsibility."