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Solar products with charge anywhere
Apr 18, 2016

Into the Canton fair new energy exhibition, a green Visual Feast "rushing". Yingli energy "polycrystalline PV modules" applies not only to domestic and commercial roofing systems, and at affordable prices, meet the needs of public facility construction projects. Solar research and development of "Andean PV solar home systems", is designed for electricity and electron-deficient areas users budget off-grid PV system design, easy to carry and install, can quickly provide power, widely used in remote areas, such as housing, schools, clinics and offices.

In addition, Trina launched "double glass PV modules PEG14", its excellent anti-EMF-induced attenuation performance, weather resistance and double thin glass designs (protection cells, anti-cracked) for long-term reliability of PV modules PI open up a whole new field. Jinko's new "Eagle Dual double glass and components" in climate tolerance, high efficiency, reliability and a number of standardized tests is an industry leader.

Era solar technology company also introduced a series of outdoor solar lighting products, such as a topical? lights, battery all the time in the Sun, even after storage no sunlight can also be used for 8-10 hours; there are a variety of solar backpacks, small solar panels set up on a backpack, connected charging treasure, user-friendly travel for charging the mobile phone.