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Solar energy is about to take over the world market
Apr 18, 2016

How do we solve the storage problem of solar energy?

Solar energy, a major problem is that it only runs during the day. This factor makes the fossil energy supporters argue that fossil fuel power generation should be used as a "basic" power options to ensure 24-hour supply of energy.

However, this shortcoming is also changed. TheNoor-Ouarzazate is not a photovoltaic power station. Instead, he uses concentrated solar power systems (CSP), this system has a great potential to provide sustained energy supply when there is no sun.

Hundreds of mirrors are used to focus the Sun's energy, heating the liquid to produce steam to drive a turbine to produce electricity. These liquids can also be used to melt solid salt stored in the tank, which can maintain enough heat, can power even in the night.

This is a very secure technology, global energy group estimates that in 2050, more than 11% of the world's energy will come from CSP power system.