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European next-generation laser technology solar panels
Apr 18, 2016

Height of the quality of solar panels for renewable power generation and function of good or bad, depends to some extent on the surface form accuracy of intricate channels. Until now, this kind of "micro-carving" line processing, usually in tough-sharp "mechanical pen". EU seventh development framework plans (FP7) provides 6 million euro, total development input 9 million euro, by EU 7 a members and the contact country Italy (total coordination), and Belgium, and Germany, and Switzerland, and France, and w CDMA and Denmark technology and industry composition of European ALL4REST development team, after near 4 years time of efforts, success development development out photon Crystal fiber (PCF-Photonic Crystal Fiber) laser technology, To replace solar panels line the processing machinery.

With the next generation PCF laser technologies of Ultrashort pulsed light beams, beam high accuracy, consistency, efficiency and generate less heat in the processing of, underline mechanical advantage. Main performance in: 1) underlined speed significantly upgrade, each seconds can underlined number meters; 2) flexibility strong, can in different complex bent solar Board surface underlined; 3) underlined fine degrees high, especially for new solar film mechanical pen cannot achieved of underlined; 4) energy small, so on solar film not caused hot hurt; 5) processing process clean, produced of material loss more less; 6) key is can improve Sun battery Board performance (including anti-aging performance) and effective reduced production processing cost.