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Discussion on solar use Yu Fang on the car
Apr 18, 2016

Systems: the solar system into the RV's, the most suitable of all small energy storage system. This system consists of photovoltaic modules, solar charge controllers, as well as the battery you need.

Solar Panel: probably the most common size is about 1.5-meter, ranging from power more than 100 up to two hundred or three hundred. This component is used to receive the Sun's usually placed on top of his car. General RV roof can put down at least two solar panels, components that add up to around 500 Watts!

Solar charge controller: anyway is a charger, with the most is the PWM type before, but the efficiency is very low, now basically use MPPT type, the efficiency is much higher, generally above 95%.

Cars can now use automatic recognition of charge controller output is small, only battery is 12V/24/48v, if the battery voltage, 96v, 110V, 220V, you have to select that corresponds to the charge controller. Input as long as the voltage of the solar module is not greater than the rated input voltage of the charge controller can be. It is important to note that component voltage must be above battery voltage 3-5V to work properly, for example, you are using a 12V battery, voltage components that you must have to 17v 17v or above to work. Component voltage freshman point it doesn't matter, as long as the charge controller input voltage on the line, some controllers can now from the PV solar panels with high voltage to low voltage battery charging.