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1.Do you supply pole for solar light?

Normally, we don’t supply pole. Most of our clients purchase pole from local, it will be cheaper if without shipping cost.

The top diameter of pole as below is OK:

NSP8W,NSP12W,NSP15W: diameter 40-100mm

NSP20W,NSP25W,NSP30W,NSP40W,NSP50W,NSP60W: diameter 80-110mm

2.Can it be work in cold area?

Charging:0℃~+60℃, discharging: -20℃~+60℃ storage:0℃~+45℃

work condition:

temperature during the day should be higher than 0℃, 

temperature in night should be higher than -20℃.

3.Can it be used in marine area?

Yes, it is suitable for marine. The shell material is Aluminium alloy , the inside components has anti-corrosion treatment. The waterproof is IP65.

4.How many working days in rainy days?

it can work continuously in 2-3 rainy days.

5.What’s working mode?

NSP8W-NSP40W: Light on at dusk, light off at dawn auto. PIR motion sensor detection. Full power lighting when a human move in the sensors range. 30% power lighting when a human move out.

NSP50W-NSP60W:  Light on at dusk, light off at dawn auto .Time control, Full power + dimming power.

6.Is OEM service available? Is it free?

Yes, we supply OEM service. It is free if the order quantity over 100pcs.

7.Is the product water proof? 

The water proof is IP65, the edge is “U” design for water proof.

If rainstorm, there may little water is blew in through cooling hole, it is no matter due to all inside parts are waterproof and anticorrosion treatment. The little water will be evaporated out from cooling hole.

8.What’s lifetime of battery?

The lifespan of battery is 5years. It is very easy to replace it. Please check photo for reference as below:

9.What’s warranty?

The warranty is 3years. if has problem, we will ask customer to take photos or video for analysis, if quality problem, we will replace spare part for customer in next order shipment. Or delivered by DHL, but the freight cost will be paid by customer.

10.If the solar panel is towards north, will the efficiency be effected?

There will be a little effect if solar panel is not toward sunlight,  but just a little. The angle between LED light and pole is optimized designed.

11.Can the light angle be adjustable?

The angle between light and pole is fixed, can not be changed, it is optimized angle.

NSP8W-NSP15W: 95°               

NSP20W-NSP60W: 105°

12.What’s detection distance of motion sensor?

The detection distance between LED light and human is 10-12 meters. 

13.Is AC backup available?

There is no AC backup model. Compare with AC street light, the advantage of all in one solar street light is saving much construction and material cost. It can work 2-3days in rainy days.

14.Is there any switch button for on/off? How to replace fuse tube?

The model with fuse tube is old one, all of our product have switch button, please check photo for your reference as below:

15.Can the colour temperature be customized?

The temperature is 6000K, it canbe customized according customer’s request. 

16.How long the battery can be fully charged?

The battery will be fully charged in 6-7hours by effective sunshine, normally, the effective sunshine time is 4-6hours per day. So it will takes about 1-1.5days to charge empty battery fully.